Angel's Kiss Barrel Aged Agave Spirits

Angel's Kiss Barrel Aged Agave Spirits

Ocean’s Daughter Distillery released its third style of agave spirits this week. Angel’s Kiss was aged in wine barrels to create a truly unique flavor profile. The distillery sources top quality organic agave syrup that is fermented and then distilled in their 400-gallon pot still. Once distillation is complete the spirits go into used Westport Winery barrels for aging.

The distillery handcrafts ten vodka, two gin, two rum, three whiskey, three agave spirits and several liqueurs. The complete list can be seen at The distillery’s Splash Club members enjoy a 20% discount on all spirits and 10% off all gifts and plants.

Ocean’s Daughter Distillery spirits are served exclusively at the Sea Glass Grill at Westport Winery Garden Resort. Both full size (750ml) and small format (100ml) bottles of Angel’s Kiss are available for $30 and $10, respectively. Spirit flights are available for sampling a variety of the many selections. The Sea Glass Grill is open daily 11am to 6pm for indoor, outdoor, or take home food, beverages and gifts.

A portion of the proceeds from Ocean’s Daughter spirits are donated to the construction of the first International Mermaid Museum to be built on the grounds of the resort. The museum is dedicated to teaching ocean ecology from seashore to sea floor immersed in mermaid mythology.

Ocean’s Daughter Distillery is located at Westport Winery Garden Resort on the corner of Highway 105 and South Arbor Road halfway between Aberdeen and Westport. For more information or to place an order call 360-648-2224 between 11am and 6pm daily.