Coconut Cream Liqueur
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In Chinese folklore, the Jiaoren weren’t just beautiful mermaids. They were very skilled craftspeople who could weave beautiful white cloth called “dragon yarn” that could never get wet. They said that if a mermaid cried, her tears turned into pearls. During the Jin Dynasty, one account tells the story of a mermaid who emerged from the water and decided to sell dragon yarn to humans. If anyone was kind to her and gave her a place to stay, she would thank them by crying into a jar, filling it with precious pearls. Throughout history, there are several accounts of high-society people claiming that they owned cloth made from a mermaid’s dragon yarn.

Cocktail Ideas

  • This is a great addition to a blended Pina Colada with Yo Ho pineapple peach rum or a Chi Chi with Wahine Hi'u i'a pineapple passionfruit vodka.